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Walking Services

For the Stay-At-Home Fido

Regardless of your pet’s breed or age, each of my services can be tailored to fit their specific needs. Servicing Central Maui, South Maui, North Shore, and Upcountry.

Drop In Visits

The Best Care, When You Can't Be There!

Let us help you stay at ease with a daily check-in while you are away! This 1 hour service includes a decompression walk around the neighborhood or local park, play time, and post-walk cool down up to 3x a day. This is one of my most popular services, reserve Fido’s spot today! 

Prices start at $40/Day


Socialization Pack Hiking 

Nature Hike, Socialization, Relaxation

My Pack Hiking service allows you to be sure your pets exercise needs are well met. This 1-2 hour service includes transportation, local hike time for all sizes and breeds, and Post-Hike Pack Cool Down time.

Upcountry M/F, South Maui W/TH


Potty Break Dog Walk

They Can Go While You’re Gone!

Gone at work? This 30 minute walk around the neighborhood lets your buddy get in some moderate exercise, decompression time, and that so important potty break!


Walking: walking
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