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Grooming Services

We Drive To You!

I offer a full-range of one-on-one customizable services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, my service list is suited to make sure they get all the attention they deserve. We are force-free focused so your buddies spa-day is as stress free as possible! Say Goodbye to bustling grooming salons, and Aloha to tranquil at-home grooming! 

Be sure to scroll down to our Salon Upgrades for elevated relaxation for your furry friend!


Black Package

Want to Try A New Look?

This grooming service provides an odor neutralizing wash, moisturizing conditioner treatment, two-step teeth brushing including oral spray, ear clean, ear plucking (optional), blow-dry, full brush-out, nail trim including sanding and clipping, All Over HairCut, long-lasting fragrance, and accessory! Perfect for style grooming and an all-over refresher! Length of service varies by size and breed; 2 hours

Prices begin at $100

Platinum Package

Everypawdy Needs a Touch-Up!

Routine trims are the secret to a polished furry friend. Our Platinum Package includes an odor neutralizing cleansing shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, blow dry, full brush-out, nail trim including sanding and clipping, ear cleaning, 2-step teeth brushing including oral spray, Face Feet & Sanitary trim, long-lasting fragrance, and accessory! Length of service varies by size and breed; 1.5 to 2 hours

 Prices begin at $80


Gold Package

Get Back To The Basics

This grooming service provides a deep cleansing bath using our odor neutralizing wash and deep conditioning treatment. Included is a brush-out + blow dry (long haired breeds only), light deshedding (short hair breeds only), 2 step teeth brushing including oral spray, ear cleaning, and nail clipping/sanding. Length of service varies by size and breed;  1 hour

Prices begin at $70

Grooming Package Add Ons & A La Carte

Customize your grooming package

De-Shedding (short hair) - prices begin at $10

De-Shedding (long hair) - prices begin at $30

Nail Polish - $10

Bug Deterring Shampoo - $15

A La Carte

Nail Trim Pawdicure- includes paw pad scrub, nail clipping, nail sanding, moisturizer, paw massage, and paw protectant $50


RUSH/EMERGENCY APT: Need to get on the schedule on short notice? Rush apts are available most weekends. Mention this need in your inquiry, and we will do our best to get you in! (Inquire for Prices)

WEATHER POLICY: Appointments are subject to weather conditions. Working with electrical equipment in rainy, wet, or excessively windy conditions can cause unsafe and uncomfortable conditions for your pup. You will be notified as soon as possible if your appointment is affected and needs to be rescheduled. Mahalo for your understanding.

HOURLY POLICY: Each appointment is allotted specific time amounts depending on service selected. If excessive matting, unkept condition of fur or skin, or temperament cause the appointment to go over allotted time, addtl. rate is $60/hr.

Grooming: Services

Spa Upgrades

Want to pamper your pooch? Our Spa Upgrades and Add Ons were created with your furry friends best interest in mind, with beneficial services beyond a routine groom. Customize your Grooming Package with our Spa Upgrade selection.


Luxury Spa Upgrade

Deep cleansing bath with aromatherapy shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, soothing paw balm, leave-in conditioner, finishing shine spray, skin moisturizer, seasonal long lasting fragrance, moisturizing snout balm, blueberry color-toning facial, belly and thigh skin moisturizer, scalp massage, paw protector balm, jade roller massage, and accessory. 

Prices start at $20

Lavish Spa Upgrade

Deep cleansing bath with aromatherapy shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, shine spray, seasonal long lasting fragrance, soothing paw balm, skin moisturizer, scalp massage, accessory.

Prices start at $15


Add Ons

Mud Mask & Rub - Medicinal Clay blend that absorbs impurities and toxins while nourishing the skin with essential minerals. Includes 10 minute all-over massage -  $20+ (Size)

  • Coconut Mud - organic ingredients and vitamins work together to deeply replenish the coat and strengthen the skin barrier

  • Soothing Mud - comforts and calms itchy irritated skin, reduces hot spots, promotes healing

  • Green Mud - seaweed and aloe based mud, antioxidant rich and full of essential oils to promote wellness inside and out

Paw Fizz Soak/Scrub - Natural ingredients with antibacterial properties to sanitize the paws- helping to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria, and germs. Whitens/Brightens nails natural color through conditioning properties  -  $10

Nail Polish​ - Choice of color includes red, pink, purple, blue. -  $10

Bath Bomb - TBA

Bubble Bath - TBA

Grooming: Services
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