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Training Services

Training: Services

1 on 1: By Session

A Perfect Refresher or Introduction!

This is a 1 hour lesson at the local park using R+ practices catered to one area of concern- we'll touch on topics like basic body language, ideal leash handling techniques, and doggie manners 101. This service is perfect for the first-time dog owner, or a nice refresher for experienced owners.


1 on 1: 4-Week Training Course

Putting Your Pet First

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. In this course, we can take on multiple areas of concern and practice techniques to nip unwanted behaviors at the bud. Included is four 1-hour lessons at home and at the park using R+ practices and exercises.


Group Trainings

Social and Educational!

Group trainings are a great way to instill confidence in yourself and your pet, provide much needed mental stimulation, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. With this service you can expect to learn new commands and practice working your dog around distractions.

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